What will I get out of this course?

This course is designed specifically for doubles players. Whether you're new to the sport, a club-level veteran, or heading for the Tour, you'll learn the right approach to get past your learning plateau and level up.

  • Execute winning shots and strategies

  • Build confidence in serving, returning and positioning

  • Approach partner communication more effectively

  • Learn new skill-building drills and address common weaknesses

  • Discover mental techniques to overcome challenges

Meet Your Coach

Daniel Nestor

Doubles Tennis Champion

Daniel Nestor is widely considered one of the greatest to ever play doubles tennis. In his storied 28-year professional career, he earned an impressive record of 91 men's doubles titles, including eight Grand Slam victories, as well as an Olympic Gold Medal in 2000. Since retiring in 2018, Daniel has dedicated much of his time to teaching others the lessons he's learned throughout his career. By sharing his invaluable insights, he helps players like you elevate their doubles game at all levels!

What's Covered in the Course?

    1. Course Intro

    2. The Fundamentals of Serving

    3. Positioning after the Serve

    4. Communicating with Your Partner

    5. Have a Plan Before the Point Starts

    6. Serve and Stay Back

    7. Chapter One: Cheat Sheet

    1. First Serve Positioning

    2. Positioning, Point Construction & Finishing the Return

    3. Second Serve Returning

    4. Chapter Two: Cheat Sheet

    1. Initial Movement and Volley

    2. Volley Technique

    3. Second Serve Return & Chip Lob Variation

    4. Using Signals

    5. Poaching

    6. Chapter Three: Cheat Sheet

    1. Initial Movement and Reflex

    2. Partner Receiving 2nd Serves: Positioning & Playing Aggressively

    3. Communication Strategy and Signaling

    4. Playing Back

    5. Chapter Four: Cheat Sheet

    1. Playing as a Team

    2. Choosing a Partner

    3. How to Choose: Ad Side vs. Deuce Side

    4. Overcoming Challenges as a Team

    5. Chapter Five: Cheat Sheet

    1. Tennis is a Mental Sport

    2. Sport Psychology and Getting to Know Yourself

    3. Cue Words

    4. Maintaining Focus and Managing Nerves

    5. Learning from Losses and Overcoming Challenges

    6. Chapter Six: Cheat Sheet

About this course

  • 41 lessons
  • 1.5 hours of video content


  • Is this course for beginners?

    This course is designed to help doubles players at all playing levels improve their skills and get past the learning plateau. It's common to feel stuck in your playing ability. Daniel's flagship course is aimed at helping you advance past this stage with his pro-level strategies, techniques and exercises.

  • Will I have access to this course material forever?

    Yes! Once you purchase a course, you will receive have lifetime access to all class material.

  • Is this course at my own pace?

    Yes! this course can completed at whatever pace you're comfortable with.

  • How long is the course?

    The course is 90 minutes long, and made up of seven individual chapters. The course is designed to be at your-own-pace and you are welcome to learn however is best for you!

  • Should I take this course to the court with me?

    The benefit of an online course is you can take it with you where ever you have internet connection. If you learn best by practicing while watching, you might want to watch a lesson before, during or after playing on-court.

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